Bra Fetish

Monday, October 16, 2006

Her Sexy Bra

She was working with me. In her late twenties. Normally she used to speak very less. We only used to exchange smiles and small greetings a couple of times in a day. But the day I had to visit her home, things change drastically. We had to go to some other town for our job and I was to pick her up from her home. I reached at her place at 7.00am in the morning. She was just getting ready in her small apartment. I decided to wait in the drawing room. Nobody else was there. She lived alone. She had been divorced a couple of years back after a painful marriage. She was beautiful with a very sexy pair of boobs.
I waited for her to come out of her room and searched for some magazine or news paper to pass my time. As I was searching for something to read, I saw a white cloth lying on the floor behind a chair. Just out of curiosity I lifted it.... It was her BRA. White Brassiere. It was wet. Perhaps she had just removed it before my coming and must have dropped it in a hast when I rang the bell. She was going for a bath when I came. I smelled the Bra Cups. The cups were scented with her sweat. Well, I have a crush for Bras. It immediately gave me a hard on. Soon, I started rubbing it against my cock inside my pant. Things got worst. I checked the main door lock and listened to the shower sound coming from the bath room attached to her bed room. I brought out my cock and started rubbing it against the bra. My throbbing cock started pulsating like hell. I strocked it like crazy. Soon I squirted off. My jism loaded the Bra cups and I took a breath or relief. At that point of time I heard the sound of shower turning off. I immediately put cleaned my cock back to its position inside my underwear and closed the zipper of my fly. I just held the white bra in my hand thinking what to do now. I just thought of throwing it on the floor again but if she found it with my jism ... things can be bad. Actually now I really wanted to fuck her. If not today, in future some day. I heard her foot steps approaching her bed room door. I put her Bra in my pocket and covered it with my hand kerchief. Soon she was out, dressed up in a beautiful white bluse and black skirt. Her boobs penetrating from inside her thin shirt, covered with a black bra. She smiled at me. I was getting hard again. But I didnot say any thing. She looked around as if searching something. She was searching for the Bra. But she could not find it. So ulimatel we left. Her bra smeared by my jism was lying in my pocket.
We travelled a lot together that day, but I didnot tell her anything abut the bra.
Two months have passed by, we have became very good friends now. I still use her Bra to masturbate. She has already sucked my cock a couple of times in last month. Soon we will be fucking and I will give her a Bra covered with lots of my jism to wear.

Monday, October 09, 2006


BRA....the sexiest of all women garments. Lovely boobs covered in a sexy BRA are real turn-ons. If you are a dreamer, just imagine a sexy woman in a tight BRASSIERE with her boobs pushing the BRA CUPS. Used BRA has a fantastic charm with the scent of your lovely lady's boobs. Sweat soaked BRAs are real things. Just put a BRA CUP of your lover on your hard cock and shag it. WOW............ ITSSSSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. And when she wears that cum smeared BRA you are sure to get an immediate hard on and will be in to a real act of fucking her.